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Гематоген мармеладный

Marmalade Hematogen

Marmalade Hematogen is a confectionery product containing black edible albumin. Its main purpose is to prevent iron deficiency in ... View

Sherbet Special

Eastern delicacy. A gift for gourmets and surprise lovers. The salty bites will pleasantly surprise you with its original and spicy taste. ... View

Best Сhoice Sherbet

Eastern delicacy. The perfect combination of roasted peanuts and boiled condensed milk is a classic recipe for turkish delight sorbet in a mini-package. ... View
Настоящий гематоген С Экстра с витамином С

Authentic Hematogen C Extra with Vitamin C

Semi-hard crystal-structured vitaminized toffee. A fashionable and modern product on the Russian market, it is most popular in spring and autumn as preventive nutrition product with a general strengthening effect. ... View
Настоящий гематоген с цикорием

Authentic Hematogen with chicory

Semi-hard crystal-structured vitaminized toffee. Chicory contains inulin polysaccharide, fructose, trace elements, reduces blood sugar, improves digestion. ... View