Turkish delights

Шербет с цукатами

Sherbet with candied fruits

Eastern delicacy. The combination of various pieces of tropical fruits with delicate fudge will surprise you with a bright palette of flavors. ... View
Шербет Особый

Sherbet Special

Eastern delicacy. A gift for gourmets and surprise lovers. The salty bites will pleasantly surprise you with its original and spicy taste. ... View
Шербет Молочный

Milky Sherbet

Eastern delicacy. The unique taste of hazelnuts adds a special aroma and pleasant aftertaste of the sorbet. ... View
Шербет Любительский

Best Сhoice Sherbet

Eastern delicacy. The perfect combination of roasted peanuts and boiled condensed milk is a classic recipe for turkish delight sorbet in a mini-package. ... View