Vitaminized Toffee

Гематоген мармеладный

Marmalade Hematogen

Marmalade Hematogen is a confectionery product containing black edible albumin. Its main purpose is to prevent iron deficiency in ... View
Настоящий гематоген С Экстра с витамином С

Authentic Hematogen C Extra with Vitamin C

Semi-hard crystal-structured vitaminized toffee. A fashionable and modern product on the Russian market, it is most popular in spring and autumn as preventive nutrition product with a general strengthening effect. ... View
Настоящий гематоген с цикорием

Authentic Hematogen with chicory

Semi-hard crystal-structured vitaminized toffee. Chicory contains inulin polysaccharide, fructose, trace elements, reduces blood sugar, improves digestion. ... View
Настоящий гематоген с экстрактом шиповника

True Hematogen with rosehip extract

Semi-hard crystal-structured vitaminized toffee. For people living in a modern city, in unfavorable environmental conditions and concerned about their health, hematogen with rosehip extract has been developed. ... View