True Hematogen with rosehip extract

Настоящий гематоген с экстрактом шиповника

Semi-hard crystal-structured vitaminized toffee. For people living in a modern city, in unfavorable environmental conditions and concerned about their health, hematogen with rosehip extract has been developed. Rosehip – a multivitamin health accumulator will appeal to lovers of sweets, brighten up tea drinking with friends. Its beneficial properties will open the door to nature’s pantry and give you health and longevity!

Release form: bars weighing 40g.

The bars of rectangular shape, sweet taste, light brown to brown color with fine-crystalline structure and semi-solid texture.

Ingredients: Sugar, whole milk condensed with sugar, molasses, purified water, dry rosehip extract, black edible albumin, “Vanillin” flavoring.

The shelf life is 12 months.