“Vozrozhdeniye i Razvitiye” Trading House

The main goal of the Trading House is to form and develop a distribution network, organize better product promotion and effective sales.

Trading House offers a simple scheme to promote products from manufacturer to consumer, excluding the chain of intermediate agents and dealers, which affects the final cost of the product, making the price-quality ratio pleasant for the buyers.

The Trading House has a widespread distribution network in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, supplying products to the USA, European countries and New Zealand.

Trading House is the general distributor of well-known companies like PANTIKA, ATIS, MONTELIKA, selling products such as:

  • Crimean Calcium citrate;
  • Oyster Calcium Citrate;
  • Oyster Calcium Citrate with Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D;
  • Oyster Calcium citrate with halogen;
  • Anti-wrinkles vitamin oil complex;
  • Anti-stretch and scars vitamin oil complex;
  • Anti-cellulite vitamin oil complex;
  • Head skin vitamin oil complex;
  • Antifungal vitamin oil complex;
  • Amaranth seed oil, unrefined;
  • Amaranth flour (gritty flour)
  • Amaranth flour (high-protein)