Love Since Childhood Hematogen Extra

Гематоген С детства Любимый Экстра

A remedy for iron deficiency anemia prevention. Product contains natural honey, a natural source of health. Vitamins and trace elements of honey ensure the normal process of metabolism, contribute to the normalization and correction of the chemical composition of food. Enzymes of honey speed up the digestion processes and help to prevent metabolic disorders in the body that can result in chronic illnesses.

Release form: bars of 40g, 50g.

The bars of rectangular shape, sweet taste, light brown to brown color with fine-crystalline structure is fine-crystalline and semi-solid texture. An additional source of iron. Ingredients: sugar, whole milk condensed with sugar, starch syrup, black edible albumin, “Virolizin-C” (lysine hydrochloride), ascorbic acid, natural flavor “Vanilla”, purified water.

The shelf life is 8 months.