Honey Hematogen

Гематоген Медовый

A remedy for iron deficiency anemia prevention. This product doesn’t have any other alternative on the Russian market. It contains natural honey and an essential amino acid – lysine, which is vital for protein synthesis, but it is not produced within body naturally. The complex of honey enzymes accelerates the processes of food splitting, oxidation and digestion.

Organic acids and phytoncides of honey prevent or avoid the growth of some types of pathogens. Mineral salts of honey (over 30 types) help to strengthen human immune and cardiovascular systems. The qualitative and quantitative combination of the main components of dietary supplements with lysine and honey enhances their interaction, improving people’s health

Release form: bars of 40g, 50g.

The bars of rectangular shape, sweet taste, brown to dark brown color with fine-crystalline structure and semi-solid texture. An additional source of iron, contains lysine.

Ingredients: sugar, whole condensed milk with sugar, starch syrup, black edible albumin, honey, “Virolizin-С” (lysine hydrochloride), natural flavor “Vanilla”, purified water.

The shelf life is 8 months.