The History of the Manufacture

The history of our manufacture began in the Soviet Union, when the Voronezh branch of the “Russian Association for the Promotion of the Revival and Development of Small Towns and Villages” was headed by Nikolai Pavlovich, who is the current director of the manufacture. The goal of the partnership association was to revive the small towns and villages of our country. The regional office dealt with a wide range of issues, including public health.

After the collapse of the USSR, the partnership association became known as OOO “Vozrozhdeniye i Razvitiye” and started manufacturing medicaments and “Biologically Active Dietary Supplements” (BADS). The reason was the deplorable results (low hemoglobin level, fatigue, etc.) of the analytical study “The state of children’s health”, conducted by by the Department of Health and the Department of Education of the Voronezh Region.

The production of a therapeutic and prophylactic product – Hematogen was established and its deliveries began to schools and preschool institutions of the region to carry out a regional program aimed to improve the health of the population .

At that time, we remained the only manufacturer in the country that produced hematogen, although before the collapse of the USSR it was produced in Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the Urals and Siberia.

We started at a difficult time during the stognation period in the country and we faced some difficulties obtaining the main component, black edible albumin. At first, we bought it at the Mikoyan Moscow Meat Processing Plant. Then we had to import albumin from Belarus, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia. Currently we still have to import albumin from abroad, as unfortunately, local factories do not produce it of the quality we need.

Nowadays we produce hematogen applying classical, traditional technology and using natural ingredients only. Moreover, we use the potential of the Voronezh region and follow recommendations of the Medical Academy, Technological Institute, Voronezh State University that give scientific advice on how to make our product healthy.

Together we combine the range of hematogen that is boon to and support people who suffer from iron and iodine deficiency disorders such as anemia, have an unbalanced diet and other blood diseases.

Hematogen improves immune and digestive systems. It is also recommended after surgery as it is helps to restore the body’s strength.

To create a variety of tastes and expand the area of ​​influence of the product on human body, we add various natural additives to the hematogen: extracts of algae (fucus), rosehips, chicory, etc., which brings additional micro and macro elements to people’s diet and it, of course, has a positive affect on general condition of people.

The dominance of foreign technologies, nutrition products, artificial flavors, colorings and genetically modified products prompted us to return to traditional sweets, namely toffee and sherbet. But here, too, we tried to diversify the taste of the products, including all the same natural and familiar components – coconut, cocoa, sesame, various nuts to the content of our sweets.

Since 2018 the manufacture has been adjusted for the production of jelly marmalades. They are based on natural concentrated juices from berries and fruits grown on our native soils. We use agar and natural extract of red and brown molasses as a gelling agents. The variety of juices used gives an incredible palette of flavors to satisfy any gourmet! Especially interesting is the sandwich marmalade, which you can easily spread on a cookie or a bun and eat with a great pleasure and benefit to your health while having a cup of fragrant tea or coffee!