Marvelous Marmalade Hematogen

Гематоген мармеладный Необыкновенный

A remedy for iron deficiency anemia prevention. An innovative product without sugar and condensed milk with sugar, but containing the main active ingredient – black edible albumin, is a new generation Hematogen.
Differs in low calorie content and new taste. The gelating agent is an extract of sea red and brown agar-agar molasses, which adds many new ones to the main beneficial properties of the hematogen.

Release form: bars of 40g, 50g.

The bars of rectangular shape, sweet taste, brown to dark brown color with fine-crystalline structure and jellylike texture. An additional source of iron, contains lysine.

Ingredients: syrup, purified water, concentrated apple juice, gelling agent agar-agar, black edible albumin, acidity regulator citric acid, vanillin flavor.

The shelf life is 12 months.