Yummy Hematogen

Гематоген Аппетитный

A remedy for iron deficiency anemia prevention. It contains an essential amino acid – lysine, which is vital for protein synthesis, but it is not produced within body naturally. Lysine is one of many amino acids (lysine, tryptophan, methionine). that play special role while combining a well-balanced diet.
The combination of lysine with ascorbic acid has a powerful anti-atherosclerotic effect, enhances the process of regeneration, the creation of antibodies, hormones and enzymes. Due to the ability of lysine to increase the bioavailability of all biologically active components in the product, regular intake of Yummy Hematogen normalizes the lipid composition of the blood, increases the growth of erythrocytes and hemoglobin level. The qualitative and quantitative combination of these and other components in the product enhances their interaction, improving general condition of the body.

Release form: bars of 40g, 50g.

The bars of rectangular shape, sweet taste, brown to dark brown color with fine-crystalline structure and semi-solid texture. An additional source of iron, ascorbic acid, contains lysine.

Ingredients: sugar, whole milk condensed with sugar, starch syrup, black edible albumin, “Virolizin-S” (lysine hydrochloride), ascorbic acid, natural flavor “Vanilla”, purified water.

The shelf life is 8 months.